Friday, 7 October 2011

The 'iReclaimed' Blog

This is Jordan, I'm 17 and was a participant in the 1st Reclaim project in 2007 - Moss Side boys. I've created this blog for people who are already involved or just interested in what we're about.

To me, Reclaim is about giving a voice to the voiceless, hence, the reason this blog has been created. I've attended so many meetings and conferances where adults have asked me questions about young people today and I feel a blog like this is a good way to show what we think. It's apparent to me that change is needed - the riots being an example of this - yet the people with the answers (THE YOUNG PEOPLE) have the least say in what changes should be made.

I would like hope this blog becomes central hub where young people with answers can connect with those who want answers and work together to make a positive change in society.

Lets begin.


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  2. Hear, Hear Jordan.. It makes me proud to read this, look forward to hearing more from Manchester's great young people!


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