Friday, 14 October 2011

Reaching Out

I have been a part of the RECLAIM Project in some way for over two years now and have found my time here on the project to be both rewarding and valuable.

My role on the project has varied over the years. Initially I started off as a volunteer, now I am one of the Outreach Officers working directly with the young people and supporting the more vulnerable young people and their families. I love what I do and I am very passionate about engaging and supporting young people positively.

As an Outreach Officer on the project it can be really busy for me at times as young people can be really unpredictable, but it’s a part of the job and I wouldn’t change it. I have seen so many young people blossom and go on to achieve greatness and for me that makes every bit of time and effort worthwhile. I have also seen young people start to believe in their selves, build confidence, raise self esteem and start to recognise their own individual talents rather than following peers.

I have worked with young people from all over Manchester since working on the RECLAIM project, and often people called me mad for coming all the way from Liverpool to work with young people and to be honest sometimes I think I am mad but I am still here; clearly not mad or in denial . I have many memories from previous projects and one of my fondest memories on the RECLAIM project was working in Bolton. I have never met anyone from there but I had heard there were problems accepting and mixing with other races. I’m up for a challenge, I’m also Black, but I could honestly say I didn’t know what to expect. I remember being faced with a young man who clearly had issues engaging with other races, I decided to give him firsthand experience of my Jamaican culture and background which broke the ice and the whole group including members of the community was talking patios. By the end of the day he spoke better Jamaican patois than my family in Jamaica. Every time I see him to this day we have our Jamaican conversation and he always puts a smile on my face :)

From Tasha x

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