Tuesday, 11 October 2011


So this weekend brought us our first member of staff getting hitched and therefore an excuse for RECLAIM staff, mentors and some of our young people to watch our Melissa walk down the isle into the arms of her Orlando!

To say the day was amazing would be an understatement. Never before have I witnessed the effortless fusion of a Manchester Jamaican family with rural Canadians. It probably shouldn't work - but it did. Effortlessly! A dancefloor that contained more ethnicities than a Benetton advert, rural uncles with a penchant for risque songs, curried goat to die for and full-on Bashment Bridesmaids!

The pastor gave a shout out to RECLAIM during the sermon and some of our girls were invited to the ceremony. Seeing Melissa marry the man she loves, in the company of all that love her and adding our project into the priorities in her life said a lot. All the family from Canada knew about RECLAIM and spoke proudly about how proud they were of Melissa's role in making our charity a success.

Watching a member of the staff formerly nicknamed 'baby' looking so composed and elegant, on her big day made me so incredibly proud of all that we have achieved. Despite all the doubters, we've held onto the concept of friendship for each other and for all the kids that we support in our RECLAIM family.

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