Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Thank you and Goodbye (well Au revoir)

Well for reasons I shall not bore you all with, I am unable to continue working at RECLAIM two days a week. However they are not getting rid of me that easily and I am definitely staying part of the RECLAIM family. You may think that sounds cheesy or insincere -RECLAIM family, but believe me it is true. There are young people still involved in this project that joined when they were 13years old and still continue to support and grow under the RECLAIM umbrella. I wanted to be a part of RECLAIM to make a difference and to help a worth while cause, I already work for the Manchester Fire Brigade and I am extremely proud of that, but this was an opportunity to be more hands on and be involved, take part and make a difference. Although I have not really been out on projects (instead using my OCD organising talents and keeping my control freak to within the office) I have had the pleasure of interacting with the young people and the little I have experienced has been amazing. Some of the young people I have met have been so inspiring. They are intelligent, astute, very talented and they have no idea they hold all this creative light within and watching them grow has been an honour. Working for RECLAIM has been a privilege. Dont get me wrong I came in here to try and get this lot organised and help where I could and I sort of achieved my goal (although P.S the calendar could be used more) but it has allowed me to step right out of my comfort zone and and to learn new skills, learn about a new sector and learn a lot about me too. Not only the work that is carried out here is amazing but the people here are too, they have made me feel welcome and part of a team. I will miss working here every week but using some famous words - 'I'll Be Back!!'

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