Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Working at RECLAIM - By Jordan McGlacken

Working at RECLAIM has been an experience I honestly will never forget. I’ve learnt so many things, met loads of new people and had so much fun whilst doing so. Although there has been times I’ve wanted to give up on some tasks, with a little encouragement from colleagues I have completed what I thought I would have never (6 page funding applications).

I’ve had a lot of good moments but my favourite (so far) has been interviewing candidates for the job role of business development manager. I felt extremely mature whilst interviewing people and was intent to do my job properly. This involved listening closely, asking appropiate questions and discussing what I thought of the interviewees with my  colleagues. I knew I had a huge responsibility as my say was as important as everyone else’s which made me feel proud.

As my mentor from the first project is in the office on one of the days I work, it has restored my relationship with him to how it was, in fact has made it stronger. My colleagues (friends) have been amazing people to work with and I now have an insight to how much effort and time goes into running something as amazing as RECLAIM. I feel like I’ve almost completed the whole RECLAIM cycle, from being on RECLAIM to one day hopefully running RECLAIM, this depending on when Ruth hands over her crown LOL.

I am actually surprised how long my relationship with RECLAIM has lasted and truly believe it will last forever. RECLAIM has seen me grow from a overly confident young boy to a more composed intellectual young man. I just want to take this blog post to thank Ruth, Emma, Melissa, Abi, Tosin, Tasha, Kemi, Joe, Joan and everyone else I’ve worked with (the list would be too long if I named everyone) for making my time at RECLAIM so amazing.

I feel like I’m writing a goodbye when I’ll be seeing everyone tomorrow LOL, I must get back to work now, I’ve got stamps to buy!!!


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  1. It's a pleasure to have you as part of the RECLAIM team Jordan!


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