RECLAIM is a multiple award winning leadership and mentoring project based in Manchester. The project empowers young people across the North West to make positive changes in their communities and to find inner strength and self belief.

RECLAIM enables young people from the region's most disadvantaged communities to engage directly with the decision makers influencing their lives. Promoting leadership and facilitating dialogue with the police, council, politicians and media; RECLAIM helps those who are often marginalised to realise their voice. Directed by the agenda of its young members, RECLAIM enables young people to maximise their capabilities by pushing the boundaries of effective youth engagement.


  • To provide young people with positive leadership opportunities to make a difference in their area
  • To raise levels of self esteem, aspiration and self belief in young people
  • RECLAIM gives young people the opportunity to reach and communicate with the adults in position of power both locally and nationally
  • Allows young people to know they are in control of their own decisions and destiny
  • Allowing young people to challenge negative stereotypes of themselves and their communities and fight the demonisation of young people in British society
  • Reinvigorating a spirit of volunteering and support for young people
  • We want to provide a safe and supportive network of caring adults.

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